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January, 2021

My two brothers, sister and I would spend school holidays creating stunt courses in the garden. Cobbling together cones, bricks and planks of wood, we would clatter around the grass.

As I got older, my dad would encourage me out on the odd ride, but the childhood charm had gone. I would moodily clunk behind with my head down, glaring at the handlebars.



June, 2020

It’s safe to say the bicycle has emerged as the true king of the roads these past few months. From the reluctant pedaller to the lycra-clad enthusiast, five distinct cycling breeds have emerged during lockdown. And who knows, maybe you're in one of them...

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The Pubs Are Re-opening!

Beaufort & Blake

Nothing brought as much excitement to the socially distanced British public as these four euphoric words — ‘the pubs are re-opening’! Pints are well overdue.

We’ve rounded up our top five pubs, open and ready to quench your thirst.

5 Top Apps for Splitting Rental Bills

Urban Jungle

Living with flatmates can be huge fun - bonding over house meals, nights out, and worse-for-wear Sundays. However, money is always a sticky topic.

Working out how to split bills with roommates can often lead to stilted messages and uncomfortable conversations.

What to Do This Bank Holiday

Beaufort & Blake

All hail the August bank holiday! Lord knows we deserve it. No more “you’re on mute…”, no more insistent pings of Slack messages sliding through. A work-free Monday is an ice cream cone of happiness, with an Aperol spritz on the side for good measure.

The only question is - coast, country or town?

Staycation Hideaways

Beaufort & Blake

After months of lockdown, lashings of fresh air and salty seas are the perfect tonic. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite staycations, from luxurious hideaways to Tolkien-esque boltholes. Get packing and ready to go, it’s time to explore the map.

10 Questions to Ask When Viewing a Rental Property

Urban Jungle

You’ve probably spent days, weeks, or even months trawling the internet for the right rental property. Wading through over-priced boxes and grungy flats, you’ve finally found the perfect place. Right price, right location - huzzah!

How to Negotiate Rent

Urban Jungle

No one enjoys paying rent. Every month a chunk of money is clawed out of your bank account, and it hurts. So, what if we said you might be able to save some money?

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