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Age 13, I sent letters to Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Bailey CBE and Sarah Burton OBE.  I wrote long, meandering passages (on bright pink paper) explaining exactly why I was their ‘number one fan’. I also asked for work experience.

Audacious? Painfully so.

But fast forward five years and I’d interned at the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Selfridges, Sothebys, Tatler and Country Living Magazine - desperate to soak up as much experience as possible.

In 2017, I graduated from Bristol University with a first class History of Art degree. Shortly after, I began my career at Boden, in the marketing team. I then worked at luxury womenswear label The Fold London for two years, before becoming marketing manager at lifestyle brand Beaufort & Blake. Through all this, working away creating copy for social media, catalogues and web pages, it became clear to me what I'm most passionate about: writing.

Since going freelance I have written for a diverse group of brands, from clothing designers to candlemakers. Capturing their unique tones of voice, I create original and informative copy that writes to the heart of the reader.

When not writing, I'm pedalling away on my bike, meandering through galleries or feasting on Biscoff Lotus spread (seriously, I can’t stop).

….Oh, and in case you were wondering, all three replied!

About Me: About Me
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